Docceroos 2023

Under the guidance of coach Dean Ugrinic and physio Luke Poon, the Docceroos squad will attend training camps in Melbourne, Canberra, and Queensland in preparation for the World Medical Football Championships in Vienna, Austria in July 2023.

24 nations are expected to contest the Ferran Morrell Cup, including teams from North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. The Docceroos finished fourth in the 2022 championships and will look eagerly for a place on the podium in Vienna. For more information visit: 

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected in the Docceroos squad for 2023:

Patrick Biggins
Heimerich Bisterbosch
Paul Bloomfield
Nick Butler
Ross Cairns
Angus Farr
Shenal Fernando
Terry Finney
Jacob George
David Ghan
Jack Gilpin
Alan Jones
Jason Koutsodontis
Guru Lyngkaran
Brendan McManus
Brendan Mulcahy
Ryan O Keefe
Alan O’Grady
Sam Raymond
Nicholas Rigby
Chris Ross
Keiran Rowan
Shakif Shakur
Matt Waters

Aaron Bahadori
Alex Combes
James Mulvany
Andrew Teh
Marc van Zeyl

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