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The Docceroos are a group of enthusiastic footballers with the unifying feature in that we are all doctors (medical practitioners) of varying specialties and origin. Each year we field a team that competes in the World Medical Football Championships which is hosted in a foreign country. Founded in 2003, Dr Alan Jones put a squad of 14 players together in six weeks to compete in Barcelona at the Football Estadi and training fields of F.C. Barcelona.

Since these humble beginnings, the squad has slowly grown stronger and we have fielded a team each year since this time.  We have competed favourably in most tournaments but are yet to grab the elusive winner’s trophy.

The championships each year are a wonderful opportunity to play six games of football, travel to a new country and meet doctors from around the globe in the setting of a Medical Conference. For those of us fortunate enough to go, it truly is a trip of a lifetime (every year!).

The 2016 campaign saw the best result yet for the Docceroos making it through to the semi-finals in Barcelona until being knocked out by eventual champions, Czech Republic. We look to improving on these results in the future. Come and join us for Prague 2018